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The Road to All Natural

When I was little I had HORRIBLE headaches in school for over a month. I would go to the nurse and she would send me back to class as if nothing was wrong (in her defense I did tend to be a frequent flyer). However, as time went on, the headaches grew to be unbearable and one day the nurse had to call my dad to come and pick me up from school. We then made a doctor’s appointment and the doctors just thought I was playing around and couldn’t find anything wrong with me. A few more weeks passed and the headaches progressed. It got to the point that just stepping into classroom with the bright lights, made me immediately put my head down. We returned to the doctor’s office but this time a different doctor took at look at me. He ran a few extra tests and we soon found out I had mono for quite some time. I was then directed to rest and was not allowed to exert myself physically in any way. This is how my headaches began.

Fast forward a few years and I got mono again! I thought that it was a once in a lifetime sort of thing but apparently there are two different strains of it and I was lucky enough to get both. Again the same symptoms and again the same protocol for recovery.

The issue was and is, the headaches never left me. They continued to take a toll on my head and wellbeing. I would consistently find myself curled up in our basement because the light was just too much to bare. Then one day my mom asked if I would like to go see a specialist to see if he could help me. With her being a nurse she had a few ins at the hospital and I was able to get in with a very well known neurologist in the area. Plus, my mom trusted him. At the checkup he prescribed me two different meds. One to take everyday, and one to take for an extremely severe headache or migraine. It was in that moment that I finally felt some relief. I was getting help that I had needed for yeas and someone was actually listening to me. It felt great!

I continued on these meds for all of my middle school, high school, and most of my college years. But on the days I would forget to take my pills, the headache would be unbearable. It seemed as though they had gotten worse without the medication, as if my body had become dependent on the drugs.

However, once I got into college, I had to take a nutrition class to graduate as a dental hygienist and my professor was exceptional. She was the type of professor that believed in the power of God as well as the power of ourselves. She encouraged us to make healthier life decisions all while focusing on the surplus of natural medicinal tools that God blessed us with. She had a personal story (that I will not go into out of sheer admiration and respect for her) but the results on the road to a healthier life for her son was impeccable! I was astounded at the lengths she went to, to ensure the BEST life for her son. She, by no means took the easy road, but she did EVERYTHING she could to make the best life with what she had and the strength given to her. She was inspirational.

Honestly, all of all the classes and all of the teachers and professors I’ve had, she by far made the biggest impact on me. She was not a “bs”er (as I call them) or a suck up. She knew her stuff and she would tell you how she felt without the bat of an eye. I went to her on many occasions for advice and she NEVER disappointed.

Anyway, after this class, I really began thinking of everything I stuck into and on my body. At this point of was on four meds (not counting my allergy pills) and married, and I wanted to cut back somehow. I knew my depression meds would stay with me the rest of my life so I decided to focus on my two headache medications. I then began doing research and talking to my mom about the medical side of things. She thought I was a little crazy (and still does), but I was determined. I continued my research and asked Jay if I could purchase some essential oils. He looked at me as if I had three eyeballs and two noses. I explained to him my reasoning and he said if I thought it would really help and I would use them, to go for it. So I did. I contacted a friend who was a user of Young Living Essential Oils (they are by no means making money off this blog) and she hooked me up with the right package. I still go to her for help and questions on the regular. She is my YL buddy!

Now once the oils arrived and the bill came, Jay was not too thrilled but I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait for my first headache to try out their magical powers. And within a few days, it happened. I got to try my oils. The first time I used the topically (directly on my skin) I was shocked at how quickly they took effect. They severely minimized my pain and gave off a soothing aroma. I was hooked. I began diffusing like a mad woman almost everyday until I looked at how low my oils were getting.

We then moved back to PA and got Bo, which means I couldn’t diffuse like I used to (some oils are toxic to pets). I now mainly use them topically with an occasional bout of diffusing. But I didn’t stop with oils. I began transforming my skincare routine as well. I now make my own all natural soap, shampoo, and dry shampoo and I buy locally made natural goat soap for the bathroom sinks. I am also in the process of making our house chemical free with Meyers cleaning supplies. I have started this process because I feel that once Jay and I decide to have kids, I want them to be in a home that is as chemically free as possible.

So now you may be wondering how much this has all cost me, and the answer is not a lot. I have my original cost in my start-up lit with young living and my ingredients for my soaps. But when I did the math, I was able to make my shampoo cheaper than buying it at the store. As for more oils and cleaning supplies, one word, CHRISTMAS! Yep, that’s right! For Christmas I asked for cleaning supplies and essential oils and I was tickled pink when I opened them!

As for Jay, he is slowly getting on the all natural train as well. He’s beginning to allow me to use some oils on him for his aches and ailments. So now he sees it as a win-win too. I will continue to keep you posted on my all natural journey, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

Just remember where we came from, we came from dust and someday we will return to it. I only hope that I am a good fertilizer and not toxic to the ground!


A hunter’s wife,



I do NOT believe that oils and a natural lifestyle are an end all cure all! I do however believe that it is helping our bodies go back to how we were when God created Adam and Eve, natural and using the earth to solve life’s little problems. They worked for me but they may not work for you. Just remember, medicine is STILL needed! Don’t forget that!

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