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Made of .925 sterling silver, this dendritic agate is styled for the simplistic at heart that craves the solitude of the wilderness. With a hidded pine tree cut into the backplate of the piece it is the perfect setting for the outdoorys soul. The border of this piece is bold but sleek allowing for the white and black dendrites of the agate to show their full beauty.  


Peace in the Pines is a "You Call It" piece meaning it can be made into a ring necklace or bracelet. Please be sure to chose which item you would like it made into prior to checkout. 


If a ring is chosen, it will have a split shank. 

If a necklace is chosen, the chain will be 20" (unless otherwise requested). 

If a bracelet is chosen, it will have a double cuff. 

Peace in the Pines: You Call It

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