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Custom Elk Ivory Pieces

Have you been looking for an elk ivory piece for quite some time but cannot seem to find exactly what you are looking for? Well look no further! Here at The Life of a Hunter's Wife we pride ourselves in creating custom heirloom jewelry that will last for generations to come with your precious ivories. We understand that an elk ivory is not just a "tooth" but a memory captured in a small, stunning piece of your harvested animal. Courtney works hard to ensure that every ivory is treated with the utmost care. From the time your ivory leaves your hands till the time it returns again, only Courtney will be the one working with your ivory to ensure a hand-made, high quality, heirloom piece that will last for generations to come. 

Want to learn more about our customization process? Scroll down to read all about it. 

The Customization Process 

Step 01

Submit the Custom Design Order Form

- Scroll down the page to find our Custom Elk Ivory Design Order Form. Fill this out with all of your pertinent information, as well as a description of what you hope your ivory piece/s will look like, and upload at least 3 photos of other pieces that you've found online that you like parts of.

 - A fifty dollar design fee is required to start the process but once the piece is decided upon, that deposit then goes back into your total custom order cost. 

 ***Please remember that THLW will NOT copy any other artist's work, but can use the photos sent to create something similar within the stylings of TLHW. ***

Step 2

TLHW will contact you regarding your order.

 - Once the custom design order form has been submitted, TLHW will reach out to you to further discuss your design in detail. This allows TLHW to see which design elements are most important to you and which design elements you would prefer to leave out. 

Step 3

TLHW will send you three designs.

 - Once the initial contact is made and details are further explained, TLHW will draw up three specific designs featuring the most important aspects you wish to be included into your piece.

 - This will also include the cost of each design before your design credit. 

***All designs created by TLHW are owned by TLHW and cannot be copied/duplicated by anyone other than TLHW***

Step 4

You chose the design and have the opportunity to make three adjustments to it.

 - Once you have chosen which design you like best, you then have 3 edits that can be made to any aspects of the design to best suit you and your style. 

 - Each piece has its own timeline and Courtney will communicate that during this step of the process. Some pieces take 3-4 weeks while others take 8-12. This is all dependent on the time of year and the intricacy of the piece.

Step 5

The design is finalized and work begins on your custom elk ivory piece.

 - After we have finalized the design then full payment of the piece is required.

 - Once full payment is received, the production of your piece will begin. Throughout the process, TLHW may send you photos to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Courtney tends to use her artistic side to balance out a piece, so if she feels something may be off, she will reach out and give you the opportunity to choose what you'd like to do in that particular circumstance. 

Step 6

Your order is shipped out! YAY!

 - When your order is complete it will be shipped out and the tracking information will be sent to your email. Then you can anxiously await the arrival of your custom heirloom ivory piece!

Custom Elk Ivory Design Order Form

Place your design order now for only $50!


Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Congradulations! You just began the custom design elk ivory process with The Life of a Hunter's Wife! We will contact you within 3-5 business days with your initial mock up design. 

Courtney designed a unique silver bracelet with 6 elk ivories that my husband provided. Courtney was pleasant, professional, and prompt with communications. I was very pleased with the final product. 


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